Breakfast on the Farm – The Inn at Celebrity Dairy

Dairy mornings start early, but usually by 8:30 the goats are all milked, the milking parlor washdown completed, and the day’s cheesemaking is started.

Time for a sitdown break, and our communal breakfast shared alike by guests and the farm crew. Our breakfast gathering place is a long keeping table at the south end of the atrium. Here with the changing seasons, we enjoy gentle summer light filtered by the high canopy of surrounding oaks, or soak up the low winter sun as it spills in across the table.

Signature ingredients of our breakfast fare include (naturally) our own chèvre, and the eggs from our free range yard chickens. Chèvre regularly appears on the table as a soft fresh Montrachet style cheese, and as a creamy condiment sweetened with fruit preserves.

Whether starring as omlettes or fritattas, or playing supporting roles with scones and other quickbreads, the eggs from our free range chickens impart an intensity of flavor and color that eclipse their store-bought cousins. (No wonder people come to the farm market at 7:00 AM on Saturday just to buy eggs.)

Fresh-ground organic spelt flour from nearby Lindley’s Mill goes into Fleming’s Market Scones. The supporting cast of fresh-roasted coffee from Counter Culture, who flatter us with our own coffee blend, many types of tea, and seasonal fruits and preserves from our neighbors’ gardens overflow the table.