Your Hosts

Its hard to predict who will meet you – but the trio in this photo are the most likely.

Fleming (right) is one of your hosts. A studio weaver for 30 years, she is responsible for our award-winning goat cheese. She turned the cheesemaking and dairy responsibility over to Brit and is now focused on the Inn. Somehow she still finds time to work her artistic magic making the inn and its food special.

Brit (center) is your other host, and is especially enthusiastic about showing off the goats. A retired engineer who builds and repairs things, he runs the dairy and on occasion is the evening milker. web page monitoring . If it is after 6:00 PM, you may find him out in the barn doing the evening milking. find a domain Under Fleming’s tutelage, he’s also learned how to cook.

Errant goats – such as Kathryn (pictured), but sometimes the whole herd of 80 animals when a gate is left open. As a kid – here nibbling on our oldest redbud tree in July 1998 – Kathryn would routinely leap over 2-3 fences to come greet visitors.  No one goat since Kathryn has had quite her personality.  She is the namesake of one of our guest rooms.

Cats – with a barn come cats.  Some have graduated from the barn, and manage the approaches to the inn.  Friendly in their feline way, they’ll likely ask you to let them into the Inn.  Please don’t – they are all outside cats.

Last, and probably least, are the free range chickens. Their activity provides us incomparable eggs and endless amusement.