Open Barns! – Tour the Goat Farm at Celebrity Dairy

Several times each year we open the farm for visitor weekends. Simple comfort food (Soups, JohnnyCake, Brownies, hot drinks, etc.) for the hungry will be on sale in the Inn, and some of the first goat cheese of the new year!Why? it’s all about the baby goats. We expect births starting as early as January 15th, and continuing on through the Spring. We had 140 “kids” born last Spring, and are expecting as many as 160 kids this year.

A lapful of baby goat
A lapful of baby goat

Open Barn Weekend at Celebrity Dairy

  • Fall Open Barn – we close out our long milking season with a “visiting day ” on the Thanksgiving weekend – Sunday November 25th, 2018 from 1:00 through 5:00 pm this year. Late in the season the does should again be bred, and slowly “drying off” at the end of their 9-10 month lactation. The spring “kids” will be teenagers by now, and while no longer cuddly, still are enthusiastic to have visitors’ attention. Its a good time for a long walk in the woods following the weekend’s feasting.

While the Open Barn events are free, we do request a donation to support Heifer Project International. You’ll find “goat cans” for donations in the Inn, but can also contribute directly through their web site.

CSFA Farm Tour – Some 40 farms will be welcoming visitors interested in the Piedmont’s vibrant local agriculture. Check with CSFA, or Weaver Street Market for detailed information about the these annual tours to see if they include our part of Chatham County. We’ve been a regular stop on the Farm Tour since its beginning whenever the “Tour” comes our way.

Sunday Dinners – Celebrity Dairy continues hosting monthly Sunday 1:30 pm afternoon dinners. Following our 20 year tradition, dinners are held the 3rd Sunday of each month.