Gelato – Goat’s Milk, of course!

One of the treats Celebrity Dairy brings to the farmer’s markets we attend in our Goat’s Milk Gelato.  We are developing a small, but loyal following.  To meet the challenge of keeping it frozen, we have some European transport boxes specifically made for the purpose.  These, plus some dry ice, allow us to keep it from melting all day through the summer.

Meadow eating our Celebrity Dairy Gelato
Meadow – finishing up her Celebrity Dairy Gelato

Look for the big black plastic box! – good stuff inside.  Current flavors:

  • Nutmeg-Vanilla
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Ginger
  • Mango

For strawberry season, we’ll be making the classic Italian Fior di latte. (Italian for flower of milk) It is the classical test of a good gelato shop – Goes well with strawberries, too.  We’ll have it as a flavor of the month through May.  Give it a test drive.