February 2016

For 25 years now we have brought you Fresh Farmstead Goat Cheese. Always using the same standards and qualities to provide our local community with the best farm to table experience possible. We have taken our passion and craft of cheese making to bring new products to the local table. Gelato, Yogurt, Fudge, Soap, and of course our Farmstead Cheese are all being make out of our goats milk to bring it to you, our wonderful customers, both here at the Dairy and in our local farmer’s markets.

June Marks the start of our 26th year but our season has already started. Our first kids were two bucks this year on the morning of the 26th. A little black buck and a solid white one have started to fill the barn with the joy of cheese making season.

Enjoy our newsletter and we hope that you will join us at one of our events this year and continue the traditions of providing our local community and neighbors with great foods.

-Brit and Fleming Pfann