How To Become A Celebrity Dairy Volunteer

become a celebrity dairy volunteer, Celebrity Dairy Farm, goatsWould you like to become a Celebrity Dairy volunteer? There are many ways you can volunteer to help us. We are a farm that stays busy doing work that we love.  It would be made even more special if we could share it with friends.

Possible volunteer tasks include:

  • Feeding and cuddling kids (baby goats) during kidding season (January to April)
  • Sharing information about our goats with Celebrity Dairy guests and visitors
  • Showing off our goats at Open Barn Events
  • Cleaning our barn and pasture
  • Repairing our fence
  • Providing other support at our special events
  • Gardening (especially for those who have been called “green thumbs”)

Of course, any amount of time you spend with us we greatly appreciate, however, we especially need volunteers who can  commit to at least two four-hour shifts per month. This gives you a chance to really learn how our farm works and for us to use our volunteer resources wisely. We ask that you first attend a brief tour and introduction session before making a commitment to do volunteer work with us.

Volunteers who can work with us regularly will be first in line to assist during kidding season and who would not want to cuddle and bottle feed adorable baby goats?! You will get to try our cheese, gelato, fudge, and soap and observe the process of making our goat milk products. Plus, we offer discounts on stays at the Inn at Celebrity Dairy and Special Events to our volunteers.

If you cannot make a long-term commitment, we can make arrangements for groups of five or more to take on larger projects. This is an opportunity to get your hands dirty on the farm and bond with your friends and co-workers!

Get a taste of volunteering with us at our First Sunday Open Workdays from 1 to 5 pm followed by a potluck supper and desserts from the Dairy. Anyone interested in volunteering may email us ( or call us (919-742-5176).

Please let us know the times and how often you are available to volunteer as well as if you have any physical restrictions. We appreciate your willingness to learn how you can help out The Inn at Celebrity Dairy and the Celebrity Dairy Farm.