Baby Goats – any day now

Goats have a 5 month gestation, and since we started breeding on August 20th, 2016 – we should start having kids being born “around” January 20th, 2017.  That’s only a few days away, and so any moment we’ll be seeing new baby goats.  Certainly the girls are looking pregnant.  Baby On Board - not for much longer - hopefullyThis one is simply searching for a comfortable resting position.  (still except for her labored breathing).  Our two llamas to either side.


And more problematic – this doe could well have triplets or quads.  They are taking so much out of her that she’s not standing up.  Still, she’s got a voracious appetite.  We’ve got her separated from the other does so that whe can eat without competition, and we’re giving her supplemental minerals “CMPK” – in the dairy world.  Its a  paste, and be the equivalent of Cod Liver Oil for humans – its a struggle to get it into her mouth, and keep it there until swallowed.  Stay tuned.Pregnant Doe - too heavy to stand